Hello there. I’m Rukshana, a freelance content writer, creative copywriter and brand strategist from Mumbai, India.

If you’ve reached here and wondered, if Rukshana’s writing can add value to my business, just CALL me while glancing through the service that interests you…and you won’t have an iota of doubt after that! I assure you that you will find one of the best freelance content writers, right here! I belong to the breed of professional content writers from Mumbai, who work with companies in India and overseas. I can provide content writing for a Website, Investor Pitch and Business Plan, Company Profile, Social Media post, Blog, and much more.

So, wherever you are, let’s connect over content…

In a short span, I have provided website copywriting services to clients in industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Electrical and Electronic
  • Engineering
  • Home improvement
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel and Tourism

Pitch Deck –

The Pitch Deck or The Investment Teaser is a brief presentation that provides investors with an overview of your business. It is the first step towards approaching a potential investor. I write content to showcase your product and share your business model in a manner that is guaranteed to initiate interest in the investor.

Business Plan-
A business plan is a 10-100 page document outlining in detail the growth strategy planned by the company over the next 3-5 years. It is a highly confidential text-based document containing details about your company, your financial standing, your industry, and your competitors. It defines your long-term strategies in sales, marketing, and operations required for future growth. A business plan is prepared for potential investors. Based on the extensive and complete information in the Business Plan, an investor decides whether or not to invest in your company. I am the only one working on your document so rest assured, your document is in safe hands.

To get eyeballs and connect with the target audience, as a company you need to look credible. Your profile is a window to your products, your brand, your ideology, your work/your business, your history, and your long-term vision. It is on this document that the audience will judge you. I help formulate an identity that is uniform, can be used on various online/offline platforms, and is easily identifiable by your target audience. I simply put your ideas and goals on paper, in your tone of voice, to appear as an important message. A strong and safe message!

I belong to a tribe of freelance writers and remote copywriters. If you are looking to find Content writers in Pune or Content writers in Mumbai, I am reachable.  I am a writer who believes in content to be simple and straightforward. My strength is to provide a profile that would speak for the company, the product, the entrepreneur, or the professional. After all, being introduced properly is the first step to a lasting business relationship.

As a remote blog writer offering freelance blog writing, I write blogs containing 500 to 3000 words.

Whether it is to educate your visitors or increase your reach and reputation, as a ghost blogger for your company website, I can provide monthly scheduled blogs as desired by you. I predetermine with you, blog content ideas, titles and keywords in order to deliver every blog on schedule.

My blogs contain well-researched keywords and are in relevance to the website. They help to-

1. Grow your audience while boosting SEO
2. Connect with brand and performance goals 
3. Draw traffic by SEO optimized catchy titles

While regular blog content spurs Google to take notice, it also gets the extra word out about your product or service.

Today, as a freelance content writer in India, the biggest challenge is to create blog content that connects with ‘Gen All’. In India or worldwide, I take upon myself, to distill jargon into something more common yet compelling for all to read.

Yes, blog content will help your business to organically rank on search engines when optimized with keywords associated with the product or service on your website. 

A social media manager needs a content designer. Social media marketing content is made up of: pictures, video, copy, strategy, and storytelling. From one-liners to short descriptions, the social media posts need text to bring out all the elements.

So, will my content on Social Media draw attention to your product or service? Yes, it will because

  • The content is thoughtful and in line with the aim – entertain, educate, encourage
  • It is straightforward and crisp
  • It is aimed to drive visitors to the call-to-action button to increase the clickthroughs.

Good quality, relevant content, regularly posted on Social Media platforms, works as an effective tool to further improve the website’s ranking by Google. 

Do you want to tell an interesting story? Posting online short stories on your website that is based on a person, a subject, an event, or just about anything is growing in popularity. Whether easy accessibility or blame it on time, today reading an online short story/article is often preferred over reading a book. So if you are looking for short stories to attract a niche audience to your website, then I can be of help. I provide short stories mostly between 800- 1000 words that can grab the attention of the reader in the shortest span. Yes, from title to the content, I focus on crispness, clarity, and connection.

Trivia is a quiz. It is a fun group game in which team members race to see who can be the first to answer general questions on recent events, history, popular culture, sports, art and science. Trivia contestants are having fun playing, in bars and restaurants. Trivia nights not only help to expand knowledge of the contestants but increase the inflow of customers to restaurants. So, if you are one of those who provide Trivia quizzes, can I help to formulate the fun questions and answers?

Whether it is a pharmaceutical product launch brochure, or a property poster, or any other handout requiring the right words for the concept, you can count on my copywriting at best prices. I deliver well-defined copy for your brochures, posters, leaflets or flyers, within your budget and in your time frame.

Brochures, leaflets and handouts are often used in group gatherings and conferences to market an exclusive product or service to an audience present there and then. They can also be placed strategically where there is a lot of footfall. It helps to connect to your audience immediately. Posters, on the other hand, can be at anyplace. What matters is how fast your message is conveyed by them.

You don’t have to worry about anything. As a brochure copywriter, I begin to work with the designer. Once he/she presents the product/service I’ll work alongside to decide the number of words as per space availability and positioning of the text. I research and fact check the best message to impact your brand/company.

A brochure typically contains a powerful headline, the company name, the company logo, the contact person and the message with a catchy tagline. Keeping all these variables in mind, I help formulate the text, to

  • Explain the picture
  • Engage the reader and convey the message
  • Draw immediate attention to the product or service being offered
  • Directly connect your audience to the company via a well-positioned telephone number mentioned on it

E-invites are trending. From sending out ‘Save the Date’ or ‘Mark your calendar’, to ‘An Invite’ they are being widely used on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes the pictures speak, at other times the words convey a message. E-invites need to be worded formal or informal as the occasion demands. As an Indian content writer, I write from humorous to catchy, from solemn to smart! As a content writer for e-invites, I have participated in writing content for e-invites which include jewelry shows, big fat Indian wedding celebrations, and other occasions.

What will I write in the e-invites, which will bring out your personal style? The e-invite will –

  • Convey a warm sincere message
  • Hold a formal business message
  • Be trendy and different with unique customized content
  • Use appropriate language
  • Be distinct

Stand out and not spam in your customer’s Inbox. Isn’t it the primary goal of email marketing?

My email formats are aimed to impact your customers. Writing offer letters, emails to launch/relaunch your website, campaign-based emails, emails with greetings is what I successfully offer as part of my professional copywriting services for email writing. My easy and effortless style as an email copywriter, helps you to stay in touch with your target audience.

While offering my freelance copywriting service for email writing, I would ensure –
i. The email has an appropriate and effective Subject line
ii. The email is personalized
iii. The message resonates with the target audience
iv. It has the latest offer, which your clients are waiting for
v. It works as a call-to-action for the customer to visit your website

Emails are a quick and affordable direct tool of mass broadcasting. So, use it for your product/service, to convey a message or to create a response from the target audience.