10 basic must-haves to start the perfect Work From Home (WFH) Office

Work From Home (WFH) or remote working has taken a leap forward in 2020. When the world came to a standstill with lockdowns and travel restrictions, work from home was a natural and organic shift. Many deliberated how do I work from home? While few homes were ready and equipped with infrastructure to work from home, many lacked office facilities. Thus, emerged a need to set up a high-quality environment for online work from home.  In 2021, WFH offices will find their way into many homes.

In a country like India, where people come to work in larger cities, many find it difficult to return to their towns and villages where the basic facilities like a fast internet connection may be lacking. There are also many office employees who live in cramped and smaller homes in metropolitan cities. They do not even have space for a worktable at home. So, though easy to say go get a WFH office, it is not always feasible or the best option for everyone.

But there are ways you can overcome the limitations in work from home to achieve ultimate efficiency. With remote working having its own advantages, the trend will continue to grow in the coming years. All it needs is some investment and a little attention on how to be productive when working from home. Maybe sooner than later, you will have to think about setting up a WFH office.

While on one side there are IT software executives working from home, on the other, there are digital platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com that point towards the growing demand for freelancers who contract work from home jobs.

The best way is to try and get a few elements, if not all, that will help to ease your long hours of WFH. Now is the time to create a luxury home office or a minimalist home office to suit your profession.

Plan your workspace

The very first step for how to work from home online is planning. Plan your workspace according to your work profile. Are you a manager who needs to hold several video meetings each day, are you a designer who often takes printouts, or are you a customer service executive who is always on the phone? There are several small details to consider before setting up a home office for remote work.

Begin with everything you think you may require to make your home office productive, healthy, and comfortable. Once you have a work from home checklist for your home office, next is to decide on the space to allocate — whether you have the luxury to convert a full room into an office or whether you have just enough space for a work desk. Today some of the top interior designers in Mumbai and other metros are designing home offices to optimize your space. Maybe it is time to get a top interior designer near me to make your work from home easy and enjoyable. 

How to work from home successfully begins with planning your workspace.

Essentials for a home office

Here are the ten must-haves that will help you plan the perfect home office:-

1. Computer Table

A desktop/laptop has become a must-have item while working from home. There are a variety of computer tables to choose from – basic to advance. If you are old school and have ample space for a home office, you can consider a large multi-drawer customized teakwood desk. If you are a Millennial, you may want to opt for the smart office electric height adjustable workstation that can easily turn into a standing desk when you need it.

Also, if you go for a modern table without a footrest, you may require a separate two-position height adjustment footrest with a tilting platform that allows for optimum comfort and helps to keep Varicose veins and Achilles Heels at bay.

Electric Height Adjustable Workstation. Image credits: Pepperfry

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2. Ergonomic Computer Chair

If working from home requires a better part of the day to be spent on a chair, it is essential the chair design is for that purpose. An ergonomic chair has every element that can be adjusted to one’s body. There are height adjustments for the right foot position, elbow relief through adjustable armrests, contoured seat bases with the right foam density, perfect lumbar supports, and healthy back reclining.

This chair would ensure the correct posture is maintained to avoid any future ailments. So, invest in the right chair. Worldtag chairs are affordable, comfortable, and the right fit for a home office. They also come in a range of colours and designs to match your home office decor. A right computer chair is a must in the work from home office.

Ergonomic Chair. Image credits: Worldtag

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3. Lighting

Place a WFH desk where there is plentiful natural light. It is essential to have a well-lit and harmonious home office space. Whether you’re looking for a modern table lamp or wall lights, ensure that the lighting gets diffused and it does not reflect on your computer screen. This J’Aime LED light from Tisva offers features like minimized glare, touch dim, and 4 preset light modes.

LED Table lamp. Image credits: Tisva

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4. Webcam

With more communication happening online and Zoom meets increasing, it is good to invest in a professional web camera. Even freelancers and influencers who work from home require a webcam to connect with clients and create high-quality videos. Here is a Logitech Business-grade HD stream webcam good for people working from home.

Logitech webcam. Image credits: Flipkart

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5. Earphones

Since homes are subject to more surrounding noise than any air-conditioned office, headphones are a good buy when working from home. Look around for good quality headphones that tune in or out with noise control. Be ready to listen!

JBL Earphones. Image credits: Reliance Digital

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6. External hard drive

If you don’t have access to a Cloud facility and need tetra bytes of space to store your documents, you can go the traditional way and safely store all large work files in an external hard drive.

Portable external hard drive. Image credits: Computer Space

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7. Printer Scanner

If you need to print, scan and copy, you will require a printer at home. Also, get the app that is designed to completely control your printer so you can scan on the go, print from social media and the cloud, and easily order ink. Printer scanners are more compact now and perfect for home use.

HP home printer. Image credits: Reliance Digital

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8. Wi-Fi Range Extender

A range extender, WiFi Booster, or WiFi Extender is a device that repeats the wireless signal from your router to expand its coverage. It may be required if you have a larger home or your office desk is in an area where the WiFi is weak or non-existent. A WiFi range extender helps to keep your devices connected in every room. An investment for productivity improvement for work from home.

Smart WiFi extender repeater. Image credits: cart2india

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 9. Spike Guard

When working from home, it is essential to safeguard your electronics from any burst of high voltage. In some cities, voltage fluctuation is more common. It is best to get a spike guard. Also, if you find one that you can use while traveling, why not? This Belkin spike guard serves a dual purpose.

Surge Protector. Image credits: Tetonis

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10. Indoor plants

After all the place you make for technology, don’t forget to make some place for nature. Add a few indoor plants that are air purifying, survive in a/c rooms, aromatic, or insect repellent. Choose what will blend with the surrounding décor and serve a purpose. A natural plant placed in your home office provides a relaxing atmosphere. It is a proven fact, keeping a plant on/next to your WFH desk will improve your mental and physical health. It acts as a stress buster.

Air Purifying Plant. Image credits: Nursery Live

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WFH Office 2021 and beyond

Now that you have these ten essentials, all you need is some self-motivation to begin work in your WFH office. Have an open mind to working from home. Be dedicated as you are in office, and the results will be just as amazing. A little preparation or help for a professional interior designer is all it takes to create the most productive WFH office. India, change is here —it’s time to embrace it!

(The author does not endorse or get a commission on any of the above products mentioned. The links are for illustration purposes only.)