7 reasons for the growing demand for content writers worldwide

Times have changed. Do you rely solely on ‘dadi ma ke nuske’ (Grandma’s tips) to cure an ailment or will you approach a medical specialist? The same concept applies to online/web content. You need a ‘specialist content writer’ for your product or service. A content writer provides content marketing to impress upon customers to buy the online product/service. The rising dependence on the Internet has given impetus to the growing demand for content writers in India and worldwide. It is the valuable skill set of SEO content writers, which sets them apart.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is described as the use of text to communicate online through website pages and blogs. Content is also an important part of social media pages, infographics and email marketing. It provides the target audience, exact and quick information about your product/service

Whether you are a small start up or a corporate giant, your website and social media marketing are the window to your product, to your company and to your brand. With this in mind, are you trained to write content, which is key word friendly, which will attract a wider audience?

Do you often ask yourself these questions:-

  • What can professional content writers offer different?
  • Why should I hire a content writer?
  • What value can a content writer bring to my website?
  • Why should I spend money for a content writing when I can best describe my product?
  • Why does the digital marketing agency give importance to content writing?

As per statistics over 87% of shoppers search the Internet before buying a product or service. Therefore, it is vital that your product or service appears to your potential client during the web search.

Here are the 7 reasons for the growing demand for content writers:

1. Content writers understand that your online content is a sales pitch: The website content can simply be termed as your sales pitch to the prospective content. Many potential clients visit a website but if the content is not optimized and does not draw their attention within the first 30 seconds, customers simply move away. Content writers, present unique, attention-grabbing titles which help to rank better in Google. They help lead customers to a landing page. Good content helps to easily identify the product/service which the potential customer seeks. A content writer is an expert who further works with a goal to increase the conversion rates for the business.

2. Content writers help to inform and educate clients: Content writers are skilled to write on myriad topics ranging from food to fashion, from IT to medicine. However, there are few who offer specialized technical writing in their field of expertise. If you have an industrial product or a specialized product, it is essential to use the services of a freelance content writer who specializes in your field. In addition, if the content writer has worked with competition for a similar product/service he can better understand your product and the market.

3. Content writers know how to convey a crisp message: Company brochures, lengthy financial, product videos are not what your customers seek at first glance. Clear and comprehensive details on your product grab attention of the reader. A content writer understands what your reader wants and accordingly provides purposeful phrases for the content. Even if you are a start-up, its best to have a freelance content writer, write content which is unbiased, free from technical jargon, simple to understand and to the point .

4. Content writers provide quality content: Since the website / blog / social media advert, is the first step that has drawn the customer to your product, it is important that the content is worded without any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. Mistakes point to your absence for attention to detail. A good content writer will check for any mistakes before submitting the content for your intended customers.

5. Content writers have Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content: With the increase in competition, it is not easy to rank your website organically. Google algorithms amongst other criteria, does pay attention to title tags, headings and subheadings, keywords, long-tail keywords for higher click-thru rate to improve rankings for a website. An SEO content writer, will provide with the right amount of keywords without stuffing to improve visibility of the website. Today Google searches are not only restricted to text only. With the growing number of voice searches on voice-enabled devices like Google (Google Home), Amazon (Amazon Echo) and Apple (Siri) today it is of extreme importance that your content is voice-search friendly too.

6. Content writers know the importance of original text: A small business owner or startup often thinks of making a website on WordPress and writes content which is a copy paste from other websites. It can be detrimental if the owner does not know of plagiarism.Thereby, it is better to employ the best SEO freelance copywriter near you, who constructs and delivers on time, well researched website content and keyword friendly blog posts.

7. Content writers are result oriented: While good content compels potential customers to take action, poor content is unable to hold the attention span of your customer, increasing the bounce rate. Whether you require technical writing or brand building, to increase traffic or a call to action, the content writer provides purposeful and result oriented content in line with the overall company goals.

Conclusion: SEO content writing is a skill. It is best you communicate with your content writer to explain your goals right at the beginning. Content writers provide copy that interest potential customers, persuade them to take action, retarget consumers and create a forceful brand. They are skilled in using analytical tools to help rank written content for the search engine. From a small startup, to a large business, every type of company can benefit from hiring a professional content writer. As content is the window to your business and the means to communicate with your clients, copy can either make or break your business.