A Coveted Canvas

What feels like times of yore
Is but only a matter of days and more
Ever since freedom pulled from under my feet
    Encumbered by four walls to greet.
Sitting on a thin ledge
Applauding those I rarely noticed, less cared
Watching millions follow
    While rations and relations hum hollow.
Good news today befitting ‘passe’,
Like fashionable dressing too
I look for a barber
    In place locked with media macabre.

‘Work from home’ for few blue collars I see
While thousands jobless and on a knee
I watch simmering anger heightened yet nought new 
    From where I can stretch but reach only a few.
There’s banter on zoom about young burgeoning dreams delayed
On mutable directives between nations relayed
Barely able to console an anxious parent
    Stare on the frozen screen for them to vent.
I know death decent knocking on few doors
Rest it peeped and left
So why the fixation with fright
    When we know tomorrow everything will be alright.
Lest thy dark corona enter my home
I’ll keep painting with colors rife
Turning to unlimited learning online
Holding a glass overflowing no longer with tears of brine
But with positivity as I tread to modestly Making Milestones of MINE.
    Yes, here I AM painting a coveted canvas.

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