Life, I want to look at you another way

…….Halfway into the conversation and after getting appraised about everything in Tanya and Agar’s lives, I risked telling Bedi how I began to feel these days. There was a long pause and suddenly a burst of laughter. Bedi calmly said, “Even You”?

An exciting story of seven successful friends, attempting to find the Missing Me and their Purpose of Life. In search of peace and true happiness, they meet after 25 years at the A Luxo resort in Goa, India. As they share their life experiences, these friends soon realize that most of the answers lie within. It is only the path of Holistic Living that helps YOU to find them and become conscious, compassionate, and complete.

It is time to connect, discover and transform. It is time to say, Life – I want to look at you another way.

This Book is for YOU, YOU, YOU…..

Whether you are a student facing a dilemma in choosing the right career, a couple looking for a deep soulful connection, a young executive wanting to climb the corporate ladder quickly, a housewife who wants to stay fit, or an individual who wants to manage finances better, this book offers a cue to pause, prepare and proceed. During the journey, you will find answers to WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE. It directs you in search of fulfilment and true happiness through Holistic Living.

A must-read book for YOU, YOU, and YOU—you are NOT ALONE in feeling incomplete!

Life, I want to look at you another way, is the fascinating fable of seven successful friends in search of true happiness. So, after 25 years a Commercial Pilot and fitness expert based in Delhi, India, a Psychologist turned Happiness Coach, living in Dubai, UAE, a CPA and HNI Wealth Manager from Singapore, a multinational CEO from Mumbai, a celebrity Michelin Chef from Sydney, Australia, a Creative Director living in New York, USA, and an American doctor turned spiritual healer based in Rishikesh, India, reunite at a luxury resort in Goa, India to search for answers. The friends share their life experiences and expertise. Thus begins their newfound journey to find the Missing Me and Purpose of Life.

This story will reshape your thinking and give you a direction in the new normal. It will inspire you to: –

  • Harmonize the Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Relationships, Money, and Lifestyle,
  • Redefine your lifestyle to become Conscious, Compassionate and Complete, and
  • Live a more fulfilling and meaningful life

After all, true happiness is neither about money nor worldly achievements, it is about realigning yourself.

Deeper Insights

Living physically, emotionally, and spiritually means living a complete life. This age-old lifestyle adopted by scholars and sages alike has recently got swapped by fast superfluous lives leading to a growing populace feeling incomplete and without a purpose.

This book introduces you to the 7 dimensions of Holistic Living with self-assessment exercises, how to improve each dimension, and 101 days of New Habits.

The dimensions that are integral to lead you to a happy and healthy life include:

1. Physical Wellness
2. Intellectual Wellness
3. Emotional Wellness
4. Financial Wellness
5. Occupational Wellness
6. Socio-environmental Wellness
7. Spiritual Wellness

These seven wellness dimensions are interconnected. Finding a balance might be initially perplexing, but once you analyse and accept your weak areas, it is easy to improve upon them.

Yes, while health experts in the last century were busy developing science to treat disease singularly, they did not consider the multidimensional biological, psychological, and social facets which also affected the physical body. Today we don’t have time to indulge in amnesia. The truth lies in recognizing and harmonizing these seven wellness dimensions, to be able to live a meaningful life, design your life path, live with passion, become future-ready, stay healthy and happy, and make others happy too.

Depending on the gap between the current lifestyle and the to-be-lifestyle, you need to realign yourself. You may be charged up to embrace the change but can sometimes feel trapped if not able to feel it the way you had envisioned. Just because you feel distant from your goals doesn’t mean that it is impossible, it may only take longer. They say, ”The best things in life are often for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone.”

The bookLife, I want to look at you another way weaves the holistic concept through an interesting story and some poetry to help you make a positive impact on yourself and in society at large.

Find it. Love it. Lead the conscious LIFE!

What the book teaches you

The beauty of life is experienced by only those who seek it.

Today in the new normal, things are changing rapidly. People need to transition smoothly into these changing environs and work towards a better tomorrow. You will need this actionable book to live life differently. It will motivate you to overcome limiting beliefs, to tap on your true potential, and to reach your life’s goals in a simplified way by making small changes in day-to-day life.

Though the change may not be immediate, it will initiate you to transform. This book will teach you to take charge of YOUR LIFE by providing an insight into the following ten aspects of blissful life: –

1. Connect with your inner self
2. Discover your true purpose
3. Stay fit and healthy naturally
4. Practice mindfulness
5. Overcome your limiting belief
6. Build soulful connections
7. Accelerate growth and work-life balance
8. Create financial abundance
9. Stay environmentally conscious
10. Inspire others to be happy

Having understood what Holistic Living is and how it helps to live a meaningful life in the new normal, you will want to positively embrace that new Life. You will soon be saying—Life, I want to look at you another way.

Buy the book, enjoy additional benefits

When you buy Life, I want to look at you another way, you will also get: –

  • A golden opportunity to interact with the authors
  • Membership of the Holistic Living community
  • Daily life hacks on your mobile
  • Email support to address your life issues
  • A VIP Pass to attend a monthly webinar

Rukshana Karanjawala is a corporate professional living her dream exploring the world of natural wellness. Her every firm belief emanates from Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds’. This book is an extension of her love for wellness and writing. In the space of social media, she often contributes to lifestyle topics, thought provoking poetry, and digital content.

With her expertise in expressing feelings through words, she has contributed to this book to open hearts, to rekindle spirits, and to help people choose how to live a HOLISTIC LIFE.

An enthusiast for life and a continuum learner, she is the ever-inspiring wellness coach, and the proverbial believer inlook at LIFE differently. She has influenced several young minds to focus and bring MEANING into their lives.

Having interacted with people of different nationalities and ethnicities, she enjoys exchanging thought-provoking ideas and great stories. Her ‘Art of Life’ unfolds living piece-by-piece at one’s terms. Happiness quotient, self-development, confidence, empathy, and professionalism are threads that bind her ‘TRUE SELF’.

Sanjeev Mittal, a natural wellness enthusiast, yogi by nature and a mentor to many, firmly believes that everyone has the right to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

At an early age, Sanjeev got an opportunity to interact with diverse set of wellness professionals across the globe gaining rich insights about life. Soon he recognized the fact that the path of HOLISTIC LIVING is the only way to live a meaningful life. 

As a Holistic Wellness Coach, Sanjeev’s core expertise lies in motivating people to overcome their limiting beliefs. He encourages them to become aware of their current lifestyle choices by adapting to an integrative approach in Holistic Living. He suggests small and impactful changes to improve mindfulness, stay healthy naturally, strengthen relationships, create wealth, and continue on a spiritual path.

He is the founder of a community wellness platform ‘The Holistic Living’ – Promoting 360° wellness and helping people to live a life of their dreams. He derives inspiration from the philosophy of लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु (lokā samastā sukhino bhavantu) – “May all in the world be healthy, happy, free, and peaceful” to make a positive contribution in the lives of people.