Does high price guarantee high quality? Dyson v/s Phillips hairdryer

If you are a marketing Guru don’t read any further. If you own a Dyson or Philips hairdryer read further. Well, not exactly. I, request anyone and everyone to read my product comparison and help me to take a hair-raising decision.

Like many women who are troubled with frizz, I am amongst one of those. I have naturally wavy and extremely dry hair, which loses moisture and begins to appear hay-like on the next day after washing. I have tried and tested from home remedies, to branded creams and conditioners, to affordable to expensive promised solutions. This has put me into a quandary as I am ready to get a hairdryer but not where the digital marketing beats the product itself. 

Let me begin with giving you an insight to my hair routine (twice a week). It includes –

  • Oil hair and let it remain for about an hour before wash 
  • Wash with chemical free shampoo like Nutricerat 
  • Follow through with Nutricerat Hair Mask
  • Dry with Decathlon micro-fibre towel
  • Apply curl cream
  • Let it air dry naturally
  • Finish with a touch of serum (occasionally helps for shine not as much to smoothen the frizz)

Recently my friend mentioned I should get the Dyson (Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer (Iron/Fuchsia). And that’s how it all began!

Firstly, I am completely against women with naturally beautiful tresses who endorse these hairdryers. I need help from my tribe who have really suffered from extremely dry and frizzy hair and probably tried out both products. While my marketing brain questions – ‘does high price guarantee high quality’, my vain self says ‘try it’! The decision between the Dyson and   

Philips is not a simple one!

With most features almost similar like their Weight, static reducing Ions Technology, Warranty, Attachments, what is the differentiator? Is it – 

  Philips ThermoProtect Ionic Hairdryer HP8234/10 Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer (Iron/Fuchsia)
Price INR 2,760 INR 26,900
Size (lxbxh) 10cm x 22cm x 31cm  9.7cm x 7.8cm x 24.5cm
Power 2100w 1600w
Power cord length 1.8m 2.8m
Temperature setting ThermoProtect temperature setting Measures air temperature over 40 times a second, and regulates the heat.
Trial  Nil Book and appointment for free trial/demo at your home☺

Also having read a number of positive reviews of Dyson and Philips, both appear top of my list.

So please help me take this decision. I have tried just about everything now and this is the last! Manageable soft curls, is the end-result sought and NOT the straightened hair look. So, all I want to know if the high-priced Dyson hair dryer can guarantee higher quality or do I opt for Philips, value for money?