Experiment before Experience!

I started to write. 

Words formed to sentences.

Paragraphs formed to pages. 

And thus the journey began. 

It’s a long way uphill so they say and that’s what I am learning. 

So I take the first step towards the journey by asking myself what would like to write about? Am not sure but progressing it.

It’s been about 3 months since I have dabbled in different writing as a content writer in Mumbai. And I don’t think there is anything wrong about it if you are a good listener and a quick learner. To find your niche, experiment before experience. 

There is a lot available in writing. Today from the enquiries I am getting to writing for Corporates, for website owners, for businesses and for individuals, here are the areas in writing which according to me have a steady demand: 

1. Web Content writing 

From brick-and-mortar business to e-business, there has been a major shift in conducting business. From small and medium businesses, to large corporations everyone wants a share in this pie. So to be a social media writer, a SEO copywriter, to an e-book writer, to a writer providing text for graphics, to a blogger or even an influencer, there is a lot of requirement on the Internet for good quality content writing. 

2. Technical and Corporate matter writing

Companies need to project themselves in the right light to their customers, shareholders, vendors, investors and even to their employees. There are companies that require business plans, white papers, brochures, internal newsletters, blogs and more. If you are an expert in the industry or good with presenting formal and authoritative writing, this is a niche to be in. 

3. Press coverage writing

Journalism is a different ball game. Journalists excel in the longer text content, which may be news based or interview based. They revel in writing articles with the most riveting headlines to catch attention of the readers. This writing is more narrative and investigative in style. It may also include event-based short write-ups and press releases. 

4.  Advertising copywriter

From billboards to print ads finding the right powerful words to draw a person to action, advertising copywriters aim to achieve just that. Even formidable copy for online ads that direct a potential customer to the landing page is what it takes to be an advertising copywriter. They also are skilled at creating a brand image for the service/product. Advertising copywriters need to convey a massive message in the shortest, concise and most effective text.

5. Author or ghostwriter

If you are a storyteller, then this is it. Authors have a way with words. From writing stories for children to writing sci-fi and memoirs every writer develops his/her own style of writing. As long as it makes an interesting read for others. Authors write larger and a more detailed text. It can be more than a figment of imagination backed with plenty of research. Today there is also an option to be a ghostwriter if you/your client does not want your name to appear as the author. Make a choice.

Whatever be your calling few basic points I have learned to respect-

1. Be a good listener so you can deliver what the customer wants. Put forth your knowledge and ideas but don’t force them upon others.

2. Communicate with others. Do not feel shy to tell others you need work and you are available to provide well-researched content.

3. Adapt to different styles. Since you are still finding your niche, the best is to adapt to each client’s different requirement. Short forms of precise text to a lengthy text, teach yourself to handle it all. 

4. Meet deadlines. Today everyone expects you to complete his or her work yesterday. So right at the beginning estimate the time you will take to complete the work and then deliver on the agreed date. As a professional, always meet the deadline. 

5. Have a backup degree or knowledge of SEO or similar skills. People want to know if you can deliver good work. If you have the knowledge, they will trust you with their work. Degrees work until you have sufficient experience and can showcase your work. 

6. Be honest. Tell your customer you have little experience but are ready to work hard and deliver the best results. Do not expect large financial gains from day one. Take the work at a price to cover your efforts and rewards will follow. It’s a different number game in the beginning.

I am one lucky one to get opportunities to experiment and am building on creating different experiences.

Especially if you are an intern or beginning a career and you are given a choice to experiment with different facets in your line of work, grab it!

I will keep writing, I will keep learning. Let my experience be your experiment!