Kabita’s Kitchen on YouTube – The Virtual Master Chef

Gone are the days when we referred to recipe books to learn to cook. These days one finds them on YouTube. One such home cook who has been creating and posting recipe videos on YouTube is the famous YouTuber – Kabita Singh on her channel Kabita’s Kitchen. With over 1000 videos, 10.7 million subscribers, and 2.2 billion views, she is trending on YouTube. Kabita’s recipes are simple to follow and use easy to source local ingredients. She focuses mainly on Indian cuisine but sometimes posts recipes from other cuisines as well. You can even follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

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From Kabita, a home cook to Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita Singh or Kabita Kumari Singh is a food blogger, restaurant consultant, and YouTuber settled in Pune, India. Born in Kolkata on February 21, 1978, she completed her schooling and higher secondary study from Gyan Bharti Balika Vidyalaya and her BCom from Calcutta University. In 2009, she married Manish Singh, a software engineer who worked in London, United Kingdom.

Newly married in London, she often cooked Indian food by watching YouTube videos. In 2014, when the couple returned to India, Kabita continued to watch YouTube recipe videos. But after several months of settling in, she decided it was time to launch her own YouTube channel with recipes that she had now mastered.

On November 2, 2014, she posted her first video on YouTube, and Kabita’s Kitchen was born! Since then, she has been producing three videos a week for her YouTube fans. 

The Golden words

During Digital Women Awards 2019, Kabita, while reflecting on how digital has helped her in life, said, “The power of digital media is tremendous. Through a digital platform, people from small cities and villages can access knowledge and gain exposure for their talents. I am the biggest example of how the digital and online world has the power to transform lives. Being a housewife and mother, without the digital platform, it would not have been possible for me to come this far, share my recipes with people across the world while simultaneously taking care of my house. Digital provides a platform where people can explore the world while within the comfort of your home.” Kabita further added, “If you love what you do, you can create good content according to the demand of people, you are consistent in making it, you can definitely be successful in it.”

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YouTube Career

The culinary Queen Kabita Singh has tasted success with her mantra to deliver – Authentic, Easy, and Simple food recipe videos. Kabita says, “It took me three months to earn my first dollar, but I consistently started getting paid after around five months of starting my channel. As per YouTube’s policy, I can’t disclose the income, but I earn enough to lead a comfortable life.” Her current net worth is USD 2.7 million. 

Today, there are many women in India like Kabita Singh who are starting a career on YouTube. Digital media has opened up millions of opportunities in Cooking, Gardening, Make-up, Comedy, Travel, and more, especially during the recent lockdown and work from home. If you want to be a digital content creator like Kabita Singh, Prajakta Koli, or Ekta Chaudhary, go for it!