Image credits: Times of India

She leads without a doubt

Righteously dissimilar the way she is

From the next door Bani or Vani

Whose breast is caressed but voice suppressed…

She lives in a time

Where Bollywood is big and drugs dig

Where femme fatales lie

For exaltation on ‘BULLY’ screen to vie…

As she intensifies yet another right

Abominating lies and wily slys

Oblivious of the last goodbye

Before requiem she readies to fight..,

Distant not disturbed

This girl from far away, heed

No need to be a constant crashing wave

Afore a storm even the giant ocean lays calm…

Wait for now oh loud one

Till you have a battle strategy

For not every Vani Bani

Is yet ready to join the Jhansi ki Rani.