Noshir Talati and Nozer Panthaky founded the company Talati and Panthaky Associated (TPA) in 1975. In 2020, the partners went their way, and Nozer Panthaky set up a separate luxury interior design studio NP Partners (NPP) with Liane Luthria and Ruzwin Palamkote. NPP website had to have a new brand image with the old foundation.

NEW thinking
At the initial online meetings, I was ready with a list of questions to ask NPP. From the background of the company, its strength, history, to the new partnership business model. Important was to know what to include and what to leave behind in the new website. 

NEED the usp
The client has been an industry leader and one of the most respected architects and interior design firms in Mumbai. Luxurious interiors were their USP and needed to be spelled out clearly in the new website content.

NOTING the problem
To rebuild a brand from an existing well-known name.

A solution chosen was to mention the connection with TPA through the last line in About Us. Similarly, the rest of the content had portrayed the original image and strength of the company as – LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS!


I was to provide Product Pages content for one of the topmost fashion designers of India. The content had to be short, informative, and in line with everything the designer stands for. The essential element was to curate written content with keywords while maintaining the Product Page norm – be specific and yet generic! The reason being – when new products get added on the same page, there has to be continuity in content.

TALKING to the team 
The customer brief was ‘You already know the designer and his fashion.’

THOROUGH research 
Owning a designer piece from the Tarun Tahiliani Collection did not give me the authority to write about him. Now, I needed a deep insight into the designer – his life, work, achievements. I had to know – what makes him a celebrity designer and among India’s top 10 fashion designers. Based on all the information, I provided content for every page on the website.

TYING UP the write-up 
The content had to convey the beauty of the listed products. The final SEO product pages presented a good tie-up between the images and content. Ever page had something interesting from the designer to designs – About Page to Women’s Collection!


Reforce Electricals, Dubai, UAE, is a trader and wholesaler of electrical products offering electrical solutions in 14 countries. Since I had already provided the content for thier website, working on their company brochure came as a natural progression. Only this time, the writing style had to be different, and of course, no copy-paste from the website content.

REQUEST and responsibility
A few weeks after the website started showing results, the owner of Reforce contacted me to work on the Company Profile. All he said was, it is my responsibility to coordinate with the graphic designer and provide the perfect profile for Reforce Electricals.

RETHINKING the content
It was time to rethink Brochure Content in line with the design and space availability on the brochure. I worked closely with the designer to provide captions/headings, bullet points, and short-form content.

RESULT has to be fab
I would not praise myself that in the very first attempt, I got it right. There were few calls with the client and designer to fine-tune some content. But within four weeks, the brochure was ready. The client was pleased with the company profile as it has every element that he wanted including – informative, simple and smart.


Grameen is an online store that promotes the rich heritage and culture of India. It sells handlooms, handicrafts, home & living, and health & wellness products. The company initiated Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience by educating them of rural artisans and their products. The agency requested four copies to run the campaign. Each copy had to be within limited characters while describing the artisans and art of India.

GOING with the brief
The agency provided a brief on how they required four completely different ad copies based upon their research on cognitive biases. Each ad had to convey a specific message keeping within the larger picture. The ad copy had to complete and crisp.

GETTING it right
All four ad copies were handed over to the agency within two days as they were ready to run the ad campaign. With some tweaking, all ad copies got approved for the ads.

GREAT ads are different
Ad copy is so different from website copy or other long-form content like blogs or business plans. Ad copy is about hitting the nail on the head in the very first attempt. These ads according to the agency, got the expected results!

 GRAMEEN - Ad copy