It’s the season for winter lotion 2020 – TEN TIPS on how to get GLOWING SKIN

This coronavirus pandemic has had probably a positive and negative effect on our skin. On the brighter side since we did not travel to work, our face and hands were less exposed to sunlight and pollution so the skin was naturally protected from environmental damage. On the negative side, since most women had to manage without part time help, it left their hands feeling dry and rough with the onslaught of washing utensils or doing other household chores. Adding to the woes came Work from Home, Zoom meets and online classes for children leaving little or no time for ‘personal care’.

Come November with the weather changing and temperatures dropping it’s time to reinstate a beauty regime and skin care routine for glowing skin. Before the body’s largest organ ‘the skin’ begins to get dry and flaky or worse still begins to crack, let’s see how we can best prepare ourselves for this winter. According to dermatologists it is imperative that we keep the skin extra hydrated in cold months.

How to take care of skin in winter?

To understand winter skincare, firstly recognize the fact that your skin’s needs also change with the weather. Winter skincare routine requires essential skincare products with extra moisture.  Why not pick a good quality Ayurvedic skin care product to protect the skin from damage against dry cold dry air?

Here are few skincare tips for winter that will keep you smiling broad through the grey gloomy days:-

Winter care lotion
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1. Use the right winter care lotion

Do you have dry, normal or oily skin? Whatever, your skin type it will behave differently in the winter months. So, if you have been using a body lotion for dry skin right through the summer months up until now, then maybe your already dry skin will need extra moisturizing to beat the winter dryness. It is highly recommended you replace your summer skin lotion with a little richer, thicker, and more emollient lotion. How to take care of skin in winter is easy once you are equipped with the correct product including the best moisturizer and the body lotion for winter season.

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2. Prefer ayurvedic products with natural ingredients

In a land where ancient Ayurveda healthcare has been practiced for 5000 years, would you not choose to use a nurturing, protecting and rejuvenating natural vegan product like Vicco Turmeric Face wash with foam base to gently clean your face instead of a bar soap with harsh ingredients, synthetic materials, artificial fragrances and colours?  Today, as you winter shop get yourself a natural face wash, a herbal body lotion, a gentle cleanser, and a no parabens night cream.

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3. Exfoliate gently

You don’t need to be a Greta Thunberg but you can still contribute to the environment. Firstly, its best to avoid too much exfoliating in the winter months since the skin is already dry. Secondly, if you must then completely avoid exfoliating products that contain microbeads or micro plastics that contaminate oceans and affect marine life. Do not exfoliate your skin more than once a month because cell turnover occurs between 25 and 40 days.

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4. Apply a moisturizer more than once in a day

Winter weather dries out the skin more easily. Your home/office air-conditioner may further worsen the situation. So, do keep at hand a time-tested body lotion for dry skin like ‘Vicco Turmeric Cream in Oil Base’. It’s a winter winner. Each time you wash your hands and now so more frequently with COVID-19 norms, remember to slap on the winter lotion.

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5.  Applying a toner before moisturizing

A face toner maybe an underrated beauty product but it surely removes dirt and helps to improve absorption of the lotion or moisturizer. Those that act as humectants, bind moisture in the skin.

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 6. Oil massage

Applying a body oil before bathing helps to hydrate the skin. A simple coconut oil might just be the right ingredient. No need for fancy olive oil and the likes. Coconut oil acts like a natural barrier not allowing the hot water to dry the skin’s natural oils. A drop of essential oils like argan, tea tree, rose depending on your skin type added to the last rinse may also do the trick to protect the skin in winter. Follow up the winter care regime with a winter lotion applied all over your body once you towel dry yourself.

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7. Use a different moisturizer for your face and body

By utilizing a product that is meant for the body on your face you run the risk of clogging the pores of your face or developing inflamed skin. Make sure you look at labels of products or maybe even read an online review for best winter face cream for dry skin or best body lotion for dry skin. Preferably buy a herbal body lotion for dry skin from a reputed Indian Ayurveda brand and a separate moistening face cream from any ‘au naturel’ established brand.  

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8. Use a face mask

Wait wait, here we are not talking of the face mask that we are supposed to wear due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are talking of different kind of sheet masks that hydrate and nourish your skin in a few minutes. A hydrating face sheet mask should be chosen over the clay based pore cleansers in the winter months.

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9. Add a touch of ‘dadi ma ke nuske’

From eating winter-friendly foods to applying a warm castor-coconut oil infused with herbs like Brahmi once a week to dry skin goes a long way to preserve the skin form inside-out. Don’t forget the traditional haldi chandan magic.

Image credits: HK Dermatology
10. Winter-ready pouch

Time to replace the summer skin care products with winter friendly products in you vanity pouch that you carry 24×7 in your bag. Sunscreens are not for beach bodies. So good to retain one through the winter in your cosmetic case. Rest replace with winter skincare products like a winter lotion, a lip balm and a heavier moisturizing cream. A natural, vegan ayurvedic product like Vicco Turmeric Cream with moisturizing effects can be a great addition for glowing skin in winter. And don’t forget to throw in the 2020 beets and burgundy shades of lipsticks.


Skin care routine needs essential skin care products and a little extra attention this winter. So don’t make any more excuses about the pandemic or Work from Home because beautiful glowing not only makes you look good but makes you feel good as well. Taking good care of your skin is good grooming too.

Be WINTER ready!