Kabita’s Kitchen on YouTube – The Virtual Master Chef

Gone are the days when we referred to recipe books to learn to cook. These days one finds them on YouTube. One such home cook who has been creating and posting recipe videos on YouTube is the famous YouTuber – Kabita Singh on her channel Kabita’s Kitchen.

The Khatti-Meethi Story of Mithila Palkar

Here is a little something about Mithila Palkar, the quintessential cute girl, and her journey to fame. Growing up with her grandparents, in a strict Marathi household, acting was not considered to be a career choice. But the young girl was out to prove her point.

Growth of OTT platforms in India – The one industry that profited from the pandemic in 2020

Today, if you don’t have OTT apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5, Voot Select, or Sony Live, then you are a dinosaur in media and entertainment. Ever since the first COVID-19 lockdown and work-from-home scenario in 2020, OTT platforms in India have become the New Normal in the world of entertainment...

How I Quit Google to Sell Samosas –The story behind The Bohri Kitchen

If you are a Mumbaikar, you have probably dined at the pop-up restaurant The Bohri Kitchen. The Bohri Kitchen (TBK) is a unique home dining experience in Colaba, Mumbai, for Dawoodi Bohri cuisine. Not only is it known for authentic Bohri food, but better known as a venture by Munaf Kapadia, the man who quit the No.1 employer Google to introduce traditional Bohri food to the world.

FIFA World Cup since 1930- Kicking it right

Football is a game that is over 150 years old. The first match took place in 1872 in Glasglow. The two competing teams were Scotland and England. Back in July 1902, Uruguay and Argentina in Montevideo became the first to play an international match outside of the British Isles. In the year 1900, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized football as an Olympic sport.

Construction Industry in 2021 - Steering Projects to a New Normal

The construction industry in India is the second-largest employer after agriculture employing about 51 million people and contributing ~9% to the Indian GDP. The industry already known to suffer from improper planning, delays, cost overruns, inefficient project management, unrealistic tendering, lack of technology, unskilled labor, and supply chain bottlenecks is now victim to the COVID-19 world crisis...

Kamala Harris -Why we Indians worship this Goddess

Most Indians even today are obsessed with all things American. That includes a generation of Indians who had migrated to western shores. Kamala Harris, America's 1st woman Vice President and the so-called ‘Indian origin daughter' was celebrated and cheered in Chennai. Wonder if Kamala Harris, who proudly calls herself an African-American, holds a piece of India so dearly in her heart, a country where she was neither born nor belonged.

T Natarajan – The Rising Star of Indian Cricket Team

When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance. That is what T. Natarajan did. Here is a story just beginning on the life and achievements of Thangarasu Natarajan. Better known as T Natarajan, he is an Indian cricketer from Salem, Tamil Nadu, and a rising star among Indian cricketers...

How to become an AUTHOR—My story, my 1st book

For those who are just embarking on this passionate journey to become an author, creating the HABIT of writing begins with a little discipline and loads of commitment. I learned it the hard way, sometimes procrastinating, sometimes unsure of my ability to put my thoughts into words. But over the pandemic months, there is one thing I certainly discovered—if you want it, you get it.

Afshan Qureshi – First female pilot from Qureshi community

Women pilots called aviatrices have been flying power planes since 1908. In the 1950s and 1960s, women in the aviation sector held jobs like flight simulation trainers, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants. In the 1970s, the world aviation industry opened its doors to women pilots in commercial airlines and the military...

10 basic must-haves to start the perfect Work From Home (WFH) Office

Work From Home (WFH) or remote working has taken a leap forward in 2020. When the world came to a standstill with lockdowns and travel restrictions, work from home was a natural and organic shift. Many deliberated how do I work from home? While few homes were ready and equipped with infrastructure to work from home, many lacked office facilities...

Saloni Gaur Comic, Instagram’s Nazma Aapi and Sony ki Saloni

Saloni Gaur is an Indian comedienne and mimicry artist who addresses social issues through her comic videos. She began her comic character as Pinky Dogra. After that, she took on the names Kusum Behenji and Asha Behenji. But success came to her in 2018, when she embraced the character Nazma Aapi...

Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism – 2021 travel sector set to resume but not flourish

From March 2020, India in particular and the world at large came to a sort of standstill on account of the most unprecedented global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. While economies worldwide suffered setbacks, it is the impact of Covid-19 on tourism and travel that most severely affected the industry that contributes 7% of global trade...

It’s the season for winter lotion 2020 - TEN TIPS on how to get GLOWING SKIN

This coronavirus pandemic has had probably a positive and negative effect on our skin. On the brighter side since we did not travel to work, our face and hands were less exposed to sunlight and pollution so the skin was naturally protected from environmental damage...

Sean Connery the first James Bond passes away at 90

Actor Sean Connery passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in the Bahamas, having been “unwell for some time”, his son Jason Connery informed.


A short poem on Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. The Rani who grabbed a lot of media attention recently.

E-learning – Is it REAL or a USD 375 billion ILLUSION with cut-throat COMPETITION

e-learning and education apps to reach 1.2 billion children belonging to 186 countries of the world who were out of their school classrooms due to this global COVID-19 pandemic

How to improve your graphic design skills in 2020

Here's everything from how does a graphics tablet work, the latest tools in designing, the process, and more for graphic designers to improve their design skills in 2020.

What is the aspect of DESIGN in Branding?

In the modern marketplace where online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores alike are vying for customers, a product needs to stand out in the crowded marketplace. This noticeable affect or establishing an identity is an aspect of DESIGN in BRANDING...

'Capt. Cool' MS Dhoni - The Man who brought the World Cup Home retires

If there was one thing that never went into lockdown, it’s been news. Today the social media is buzzing with news of MS Dhoni. Yes, Mahindra Singh Dhoni, the legendary cricketer with 5 world records and former captain of the Indian cricket team announced his retirement from international cricket with a video on Instagram that had the iconic Bollywood song 'Pal do pal ka shayar' song playing in the background...

Book Review – the Secret by Rhonda Byrne

What began as an intention to read this book again during my time of self-confinement at home in the coronavirus lockdown, prompted me to review it for those who may have missed it....

Is there a need for Indian media to regulate BAD NEWS in 2020 and beyond?

The current coronavirus environment especially over the last few months has taken a toll on people in India. The challenging situation has burgeoned into a catalyst for unhappy news. News about COVID-19, news about the deaths due to coronavirus, news about the apathy of migrant workers, news about corporate retrenchment, news about struggles and survival, and so much more is being relentlessly bombarded on every screen.

A Coveted Canvas

A Coveted Canvas is a short poem showcasing the thoughts and feelings in these corona virus lock down days. It's a message to maintain positivity, to fight COVID-19, to live another day and continue to paint your own coveted canvas with dreams ahead..

This way, My way

Don’t need a broken man, Fix your heart. To start to love me again...

Pride of India – 5000 Mumbai ‘Dabbawalas’ reach out for food

The Pride of India, 5000 Mumbai ‘Dabbawalas’ who delivered on-time home cooked food to 2 lakh customers across Mumbai every day, are themselves today reaching out for food relying on NGOs and state rations. The COVID-19 nationwide lock down has largely affected the cooperative member ‘dabbawalas’ of the Mumbai Dabbawala Association..

After banning Chinese Apps in India as Step 1, what’s Step 2 and 3?

The first and easy step that the Government of India has taken in line with the boycott China sentiment is – banning 59 Chinese apps in India.Is India prepared to risk its economic development by initiating Step 2 and Step 3 in India-China relations?

Villages are not Villains proves 2020 Padma Shri Award Winner, Popatrao Pawar

In the last few decades cities in India have drawn people to them like magnets. The country’s rapid urbanization and unplanned growth led to a distinct divide between rural and urban India. People were leaving their villages due to lack of livelihood, limited education opportunities, poor infrastructure facilities, with the hope of a better life in a big city. Villages had turned into villains.

The Amazing ‘Mostly Sane’ Prajakta Koli laughs her way to 5.2 million YouTube subscribers

Gone are the days when only men could openly laugh and joke while women had to remain coy. Today there is a new breed of women doing comedy who are rivaling men in their niche . One such name that comes to the fore is India’s Prajakta Koli. Prajakta, is a YouTuber who is popularly known for her YouTube videos “MostlySane”. She is a comedienne with the largest YouTube fan-base in India. Her funny videos are based on her everyday life situations and experiences.

The Millennial star Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines) with 17 million subscribers

There may be a million stars in the sky but this one, Bhuvan Bam, is India’s millennial star with over 17 million subscribers on Earth. Bhuvan Bam, the 26 year old comedian, singer, songwriter, and TEDx speaker from Delhi, India is famously known for his YouTube comedy channel BB Ki Vines. In 2018, he became the first Indian YouTube content creator to hit 10 million subscribers. Today he has crossed 17.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

How will India get a larger share of business shifting out of China in 2020?

The novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) which originated in Wuhan, China, put the global supply chain at high-risk disrupting the business of many large manufacturers like Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc. who relied heavily on factories in China. Augmenting this was the US-China trade war which also nailed the decision for large corporations to shift its production facilities out of China.

2020 - Amazing rise in Gaming and Why In-gaming Ads are good for You

Video games are different forms of games played on a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, PDA, gaming console, or with a wearable device. Often when we think of video games, what comes to mind is games on App Store, mobile games, online games, computer games, digital games, virtual reality (VR) games, etc. From 2000 to 2020, the video game industry has not looked backward.


A Curriculum Vitae or CV is a personal document prepared to present yourself in the job market for a job opportunity. It has had its prominence in every industry and has been the primary tool used by every Human Resources Manager/Recruiter to shortlist a potential candidate.

Going Digital In 2020 Is a Must For Local Businesses in India

The Caronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, has proved going digital in 2020 is must for local business in India. The businesses which have stayed afloat are ‘essential services’ and ‘local online businesses’.

Will 5G bring a change in digital advertising and marketing?

The only constant is change. From 2G, to 3G, to 4G and now 5G. By 2010, 4G had taken over from 3G with speeds up to 500 times faster than 3G creating fast mobile browsing, high-quality video calling and much more. As per a report by Cisco IBSG there will be 28.5 billion networked devices by 2022, up from 18 billion in 2017.

Does high price guarantee high quality? Dyson v/s Phillips hairdryer

If you are a marketing Guru don’t read any further. If you own a Dyson or Philips hairdryer read further. Well, not exactly. I, request anyone and everyone to read my product comparison and help me to take a hair-raising decision...

Is there a right age to choose a career?

Research has proved that we humans are not great at predicting how we will feel in the future about our career choices. Young raring minds often embark upon a career thinking that they would love it and excel in it, only to find themselves not particularly enjoying it a few years down the line...

Experiment before Experience!

I started to write. Words formed to sentences. Paragraphs formed to pages. And thus the journey began. It’s a long way uphill so they say and that’s what I am learning.

7 reasons for the growing demand for content writers worldwide

Times have changed. Do you rely solely on ‘dadi ma ke nuske’ (Grandma’s tips) to cure an ailment or will you approach a medical specialist? The same concept applies to online/web content. You need a ‘specialist content writer’ for your product or service....

Are you ready with Instagram hiding ‘Iikes’ in India?

Will you miss the Insta ‘likes’ or do you wish the Insta ‘likes’ to go away? What’s your story? Instagram app is one of the most popular social networks on which a user can share photos and videos. In 2018, Instagram had already reached 100 billion monthly active users.

16 strides in self-motivation for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Employees (2019)​

Self-motivation is the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. It is the force called self-drive that helps freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate employees to meet their goals...

Upgrade Content Writing skills for Voice Search (2020)

Voice search is when a person uses their voice via a mobile phone or a home assistant to seek information on a search engine or digital assistant. It basically works on the principle of speech recognition to understand the question or query without using any text. A voice search on a mobile phone leads the user to...

Is it ‘The Entrepreneur’ or ‘The Corporate Ladder’ for you?​

Like there are two sides of a coin, there are those who want to be entrepreneurs and there are those who want to be salaried employees....

The Up Demand For Freelancers (India 2019)

In India, just two or three decades earlier, beginning one’s career with a government job or with a multinational was the most coveted. Today, in a mega city like Mumbai there is an emerging class of workforce who is neither a government babu nor a salaried employee, nor an entrepreneur. This workforce called the ‘freelancer’ is whom I have fondly termed as the ‘Indepreneur’...

8 tips to start Content Writing in an ocean full of content writers (A beginners personal story – Arilla Words)

Every youngster at the brink of his/her career has stars in his/her eyes and a belief that he/she can conquer it all. Am sure if you are one of those with writing skills and want to enter the digital world to pursue a career in Content Writing, I will share with you my journey. It may/may not be the most inspiring but it’s truthful...

Self-motivation and beyond!

Definition: Ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. People with self-motivation can find a reason and strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing another to encourage them.

Who is your watchdog?

she sat looking down at the tablecloth, slowly biting into the toasted omelette sandwich and sipping tea from her favourite bone china cup saucer. Every night as the restaurant closed, the same routine followed.

All is Fair In Love and War

I’ll be right here waiting for you. Maria promised Junaid when she kissed him the last time. Since March 2011, we were living in a country, which had exploded into a civil war with a dizzying array of factions fighting with one another. The country was being ravaged.


In these modern years, every birthday celebration seemed a grander occasion than the previous.  Today, as I sit before the fireplace holding hands with Jannah, my wife, on the wheelchair beside me, we fondly watch the family members rejoice. Our four boys, our grandchildren and even our great grandson Mateusz, are here with us to celebrate my 99th. Many decades have passed but it all seems like only yesterday.

Unknown in love, Known in Marriage

He joined his hands and lowered his head standing before the Lord. Every morning on his way to work he visited this temple. He’d never know the real reason why except that his mother had put him into the habit....

One Day, One Step

A million ideas floated in my mind,
But to each of them as I spoke,
I said, one day, one step..
First came success.

Life’s Lessons

They held my hand,
Taught me how to walk,
But not the path to tread.

Red Shoes

Red shoes, red shoes
She loved me every bit
Tis I was that polka perfect birthday gift..